Is Tuna a Healthy Food for Cats?

Is Tuna a Healthy Food for Cats?

Tuna can be used as an ideal cat food substitute for almost all cat owners. As a matter of fact, we will detail this situation shortly, but it should be noted that every domestic cat, and if we think more generally, every pet has a diet program determined by its own characteristics or according to its own budget. In fact, even though this diet program was created, the best situation is that it was provided under the control of a veterinarian. In this way, your cat will gain a healthier eating habit.

Tuna fish is actually one of the most qualified foods of this diet program. If this food is preferred, care should be taken. Because, although it may seem innocent at first, cats may face serious health problems due to some neglected situations of tuna fish.

Contains More Mercury

Tuna fish contains 3 times more Mercury elements than other fish. This can cause some problems with your cat’s immune system. Therefore, unless you recommend your veterinarian, tuna fish should definitely not be chosen as the chief actor of a diet program, except for very little frequency.

How Much Tuna Should Be Given?

You can add this fish to your diet for up to 10 percent of your daily diet program. For more, you should definitely not do this and risk your health. Otherwise, some undesirable situations may occur.

Analyze Situations That May Have Allergy

Tuna fish generally include Onion and Garlic, Raw Egg, Raw Meat and Bones, Chocolate and Caffeinated Drinks, Alcohol and raw dough, Dairy Products and grapes. If your cat is allergic to one or more of them, then never give the tuna fish. However, we recommend that you consult your veterinarian as a final decision. Your veterinarian will present the best situation to you in the most detailed way.

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