Japanese Bobtail Cat

Japanese Bobtail Cat Breed Information

Japanese Bobtail Cat

It is a very old legend that Japanese Bobtail cats, which have a history of thousands of years, are seen for the first time in Japan. According to some historical records that are not sure of its accuracy, the Japanese Bobtail breed, which was derived from a tailless cat that the Chinese emperor gifted to the Japanese emperor, came about as a result of a completely natural mutation. Japanese Bobtail cats that have been fed for centuries in Japan not only belong to the royal, but are also often fed among the public. Japanese Bobtail cats, especially used for the protection of grain stores, were also used in Japan’s traditional silkworm production. Japanese Bobtail cats, a great breed to combat pests, have attracted attention in every period with their athletic features. Japanese Bobtail cats, first recognized as a new breed in 1968, are now accepted by all organizations.

Physical Appearance of Japanese Bobtail Cat Breed

Japanese Bobtail breed cats have a triangular head. Its ears are wide, upright and of the same size. The eyes of Japanese Bobtail cats are wide and oval. Their jaw structure is highly developed and protruding forward. Their body structure is long, thin and medium size. Their tail structures are very short. They are flexible, agile and mobile cats with their developed muscular structures. Its soft and silky hairs are of medium length.

Characteristic Features of Japanese Bobtail Cat Breed

Since it has been used to combat pests throughout history, the hunter character it has passed on from generation to generation can still be seen in Japanese Bobtail cats. This breed, which has a very active structure, also enjoys chatting with its owners. In addition, this breed, which responds when spoken to, can meow in different tones. Japanese Bobtail cats, who also like to play with water, have enough learning ability to turn taps on and off. Rather than playing with more than one toy, this breed, which sets a single toy as a favorite, has the potential to turn the items at home into play if they cannot find their toys.

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