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Jumping Training in Cats

Jumping Training in Cats

Jumping Training in Cats

Before giving your jumping training, find a place that is not too high and will not slip when jumping. The best choice for this would be a cloth-covered chair.Take a prize food and show it to your cat in a place far from the chair so that it can reach the feet of the chair.When your cat comes near the chair, hold the prize food in your hand a little over the head of your cat.

Raise the food a little higher each time your cat tries to get it. Your cat will now perceive this as a game and try to catch the food with pleasure. When you feel your cat is ready, leave the food on the chair so that he can see it.When you repeat the above steps many times for your cat to jump to a place you want, it will easily jump to a chair or another place with your sign even though you no longer have a formula or a toy in your hand.

It will be much easier to train your cat to jump from one place to another after the training information we have provided above for your cat to jump to a place you want.When your cat is on the chair, put another chair covered with fabric over a short distance that she can reach by skipping and won’t slip when she jumps.Hold the toy on the other chair, or hold him with a favorite toy and call him at the same time to make him jump to the other chair with the toy.

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