Kitten Development (First 6 Weeks)

Kitten Development (First 6 Weeks)

The first 6 weeks of cats’ lives are the most valuable process for them in every sense. This process should be managed very well, especially in terms of health and resilience. Otherwise, it may cause them to suffer great traumas. Here we wanted to give you details about how their development is in this process. Here are the first 6 weeks of kittens …

Week 1: A New Beginning

Your cat is too weak to open your eyes yet and is too small to fit in your hand. In this process, the smell of blood and stink will actually push you out of yourself, but it is so cute that you may not be able to achieve it.

Week 2: Growth and Development Period

Now his eyes will slowly open and will be 2 times heavier than the first week. It will start to wipe over the stench and the umbilical cord will heal slowly.

Week 3: Awareness Time

Now, it can take some flavors and new things can be given out of breast milk. You will be able to perceive the color of your eyes in this process. You will also see it meow slowly and you will be very excited.

Week 4: Your Cat is Now Standing

This week, your cat can no longer stand up and stand without support from you. This is quite exciting, isn’t it? Her head is disproportionately larger than her body, but after a few weeks this will improve.

Week 5: Now You Can Wean

In this process, weaning can now be done and the kitten can be fed more actively with feed. Now her body tends to grow slowly and can get all tastes better.

Week 6: Now Ready for Everything

After that you now have a social cat. Smart enough to ask you for all your needs and strong enough to be self-sufficient at many points. Her body is now significantly larger than her head.

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