Korat Cat

Korat Cat Breed Information

Korat Cat

As a result of the researches, Korat is known to be mentioned frequently in the cat books in the National Library of Bangkok. Accordingly, it is considered to be among the oldest cat breeds. This cat breed is considered to have brought good luck to Thailand, as it is believed to have been alive for more than 600 years. It was first seen in different parts of the world as a result of mating with different cat types and Siamese cat in 1959. The first Korat cats were named Nara and Darra. Korat cat is a type of cat native to Thailand and is called Si-Sawat. Korat, which takes its name from being a grayish blue cat, has the feature of being quite sacred because it brings luck to the local people.

Characteristic Features of Korat Cat Breed

Having a very human-oriented personality, Korat cat is very happy to spend time with its owner. It is a type of cat that also enjoys getting in the car and walking outside. This aspect pushes the Korat cat to always be in touch with its owner. Korat cat, who enjoys playing interactive games with its extremely smart personality, is also very fast in learning new things. In addition, Korat cat, who always wants to interact with people, hates being left alone.


Physical Appearance of Korat Cat Breed

Korat breed cats have a very athletic appearance due to their rather muscular body. Female Korat has a more elegant and slim body structure compared to males. Especially the green eyes and folded hair structure attract the attention of those who see. Korat, which has a straight forehead with a heart-shaped head structure, has short and downward curved noses. Korat cat, whose ears are quite large and the chin is quite strong, is among the medium-sized cat types. Korat cat, known for its short, shiny and smooth-looking hair structure, can have different color tones.

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