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LaPerm Cat

LaPerm is known as the curly cat type that first occurred in 1980 when farmers noticed. Although it is not known which cats are the result of mating, this cat breed, which has occurred by accident, is named LaPerm. LaPerm cat, which has a large fan base in many different parts of the world in a short time, was awarded the championship award in 2002. LaPerm cat accidentally occurring in the USA amazes those who see it with its unusual fluffy hair structure. This cat breed, which reached to the shores of the UK from the USA after a short time, was officially accepted by the cat associations.

Physical Appearance of LaPerm Cat Breed

The most striking feature of the LaPerm cat is its curly hair structure. Its fluffy feathers that look like a sheep have a very soft and silky touch. The body structure is muscular and among the medium-sized cat breeds, LaPerm cat body lengths are quite proportional. With its muscular body structure, the LaPerm cat, which is a medium-sized cat, has shorter forelegs than its hind legs. Its tail structure proportional to body length has a very fluffy and hairy appearance. When the male and female LaPerm cat reaches full maturity, the neck areas have a highlights appearance. LaPerm cat, which does not have a standard color accepted by the cat associations, can be seen in almost any color and pattern. Also, LaPerm cat, whose average life span varies between 10 and 15 years, requires DNA testing against hereditary diseases before being used by the breeders in the breeding program.

Characteristics of LaPerm Cat Breed

With its loving nature, the LaPerm cat forms a very strong bond with its environment and family. This cat breed, which is very curious by its personality, enjoys playing interactive games and cannot prevent itself from being included in everything that is happening around it. LaPerm cat, who does not like to be alone because of its personality, which enjoys being with people, is not considered suitable for families with intense work pace. Although it does not have a very talkative structure, it never ceases to communicate with its owner.

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