Lykoi Cat

Lykoi Cat Breed Information

Lykoi Cat

Despite having a bit of a spooky look, Lykoi Cat is truly a great breed of cat. Lykoi, which is one of the most preferred cat types in countries such as America and Canada, is known for its outward-looking eyes and hairless skin, which are generally dark in color, with a narrow throat part and a skinny body. Lykoi, which can be in shades of black and black, is one of the pets. This word, which means wolf in Greek, really gives the right to the meaning of the word. These cats, which can weigh 2.5-4 kilograms, generally have a lifespan of 11-14. But there are also members who live longer or shorter.

Lykoi Cat Breed Information

This cat breed, thought to be obtained by breeding a different cat species with Sphynx, has recently been the subject of many studies. In fact, there are only assumptions about which cat species this hybrid cross is hybridized. That’s why famous researchers like Johnny and Brittany Gobble conducted a research in 2010 to investigate this in depth. When they shared the results of this research, it was stated that all the known things about this cat type were wrong. And it turned out that this cat actually belongs to a Sphynx / Devon breed.

Personality of Lykoi Cat Breed

Having a strong personality, Lykoi is associated with a different animal species, especially with the sounds and wheezing he makes. Although it meowed like other cats, in fact, studies on tone and mimics did not seem to be willing to make these sounds.
Although it is a domestic cat, the Lykoi really want a very different life option. These cats, who love freedom and do not digest from the home environment despite being domestic, love to be taken out constantly.

History of Lykoi Cat Breed

It is thought to be a hybrid species in the 1950s. The related Sphynx / Devon race is thought to be at the beginning of 1970.

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