Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon Cat Breed Information

Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon is a rather old cat species native to North East America. While seafarers travel to America, this breed has emerged because they brought a long-haired cat.

Maine Coon Cat Care and Features

Maine Coon Cat has very long and dense hairs. Is a friendly and loyal animal. It is an ideal roommate. Maine Coon Cats are not aggressive. It is a very smart and intelligent animal. It can learn new things quickly. Females are calmer and males are more mobile.
You need to prepare a careful food for Maine Coon Cats. You should use quality products. You should give the food at the same time and the same scale every day. Food, water and sand container should be cleaned regularly.

Maine Coon Cat Health and Birth

The life of Maine Coon Cats is said to vary between 9 and 15 years. However, if you have decided to own a Maine Coon cat, there may be some hereditary diseases you should know about. Hereditary diseases that can often be seen in Maine Coon cats;

  • The disease called Feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy needs to be tested before it can be used in the breeding program by breeders.
  • For hereditary disease called hip dysplasia, breeders need to perform a blood test in the breeding program.

If we give information about the Maine Coon Cats pregnancy and birth, the eyes of newborn Maine Coon cats puppies are brown. The eye colors begin to differ 25 days after the birth of the kitten and the eye colors become clearer after 40 days. Generally, there are one or two black dots between the two ears of the Maine Coon Cat puppies. Maine Coon Cats enters an estrus period every year in February-March-June. This period takes up to 10 days.

If she becomes pregnant during anger, she usually does not show anger again in that year. The gestation period is 62 days. After the first month of pregnancy, the abdomen begins to swell, and from this period, the abdomen does not touch anyone.
Immediately after birth, the umbilical cord (Placenta) is bitten off by the mother cat. The mother cat breastfeeds her kittens for 50-60 days. But this period may be shortened or extended. Maine Coon cat gives birth to four kittens in one abdomen. The eyes of the puppies open on the 10th day after birth. The mother cat licks her newborn offspring and cleans it immediately.

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