My Cat Always Carries Their

My Cat Always Carries Their Offspring! What Should I Do?

Did you know that the constant transport of kittens by mother cats causes huge health problems on kittens? This is a fact that many other systems, especially the muscular and skeletal system of the kitten, are affected negatively. At the same time, kittens are at high risk for the emergence and transmission of infections caused by mother cats. However, it is also a fact that the kitten will get used to it and then it will have a lot of psychological problems after it is abandoned by the mother cat or the mother cat dies. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, you should definitely prevent this situation. In this article, we will give some tips on how you can achieve this.

First of all, this should be done without frightening the mother cat. And it is absolutely necessary to intervene very quickly and on time. Because the interventions to be made at the first stage of this process work and the late interventions do not really work. As long as you pay attention to this and you comply with the suggestions we will provide you below, you will now solve this problem.

The mother cat needs to be constantly fed little and regularly. And rather than putting the food in front of it, it needs to be put in a place to jump. In this way, he will have no choice but to throw the kitten and reach the food. As soon as the bait ends, when you feel that it will drop right down, throw another bait. Of course, repeat this constantly. After a while, the mother cat will end this habit. You should know that mother cats also carry kittens to protect them in enemies. Therefore, when throwing bait, there should be no strangers around you. Otherwise, no matter how much you feed, the mother cat may not accept it.

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