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Nail Cutting Training in Cats

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Nail Cutting Training in Cats

Nail cutting is extremely important in cats. Especially in a few months old cats and adult cats, long nails can cause huge problems for you. And even this can turn the lives of your children and babies, if any, into nightmares.

That’s why you need to cut your cat’s nails. Of course, cats will not want to allow this. Because this is a situation that they will not want at all and they will not allow it at first. However, if you bring it into a training mode, your cat will now accept it. And this will become quite simple. Here are the methods you can turn this into a nail training method.

Cat Nail Cutting Steps

First of all, put your cat lightly on your lap. And never cut his nails on the first day. Just introduce the filing tool to your nails. This will be the most important step for education for the first day. After giving this training on the first day, the rest will become quite simple. Then, on the second day, you can start cutting nails slowly. Take it on your lap again and start cutting slowly.

Begin with e long nails on the first day of slaughter and do not make a move that is short, will hurt your cat or take it away from you. When these nails grow over time, you will cut them already.

When you cut each nail, give your cat some feed. This delusion will allow him to accept this situation and even more. If you starve your cat in front and reward it after each nail cut, this will be much better for you. You can feed them after cutting all the nails in order. A cleaning bath will not be bad after throwing the cut nails in the trash.

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