Nebelung Cat

Nebelung Cat Breed Information

Charming Cats With Long, Shiny Hair

Nebelung cat breed is a relatively new breed which is first born in 1980 in USA, with mating of one Russian Blue and one short-haired cat. Nebelung is registered and declared as a specific breed in the year 1987. They are widely seen in USA and United Kingdom.


Their most significant characteristic is their long, shiny and thin hair, mostly in silver gray colour. In shape, they look alike with famous Russian Blue cats. They are energetic, talkative and curious. They have strong, athletic and muscular bodies and thanks to their thin and strong legs, they can jump and reach higher objects and levels. Their eyes are mostly in yellow colour with some green tones inside.


Nebelung cats are known with their shy and sometimes embarrased behaviour. They need time to observe and get familiar with people. After adapting and being a member of the family, they will become a peaceful and enjoying friend for all. They may run and hide when there are guests at home, or when they are in an unfamiliar environment. Nebelung cats generally inclined to ignore other pets around. Since they may have such timid feelings, their owners have to be cautious and careful if a Nebelung will come together with another cat or dog. We can easily say that they are not the best breed to socialize with other pets, and sometimes with babies, too. By the way, we have to keep in our minds that regardless of their breeds, every cat has unique characteristics and might be different from others.

How to Care

Most important issue to give care to a Nebelung cat is about her hair. It should be combed regularly to keep the hair healthy. Thanks to their healthy anatomy, they don’t have any structural hereditary disease risk and they may live up to 18 years which is actually a long lifetime for a cat. Of course like all cat breeds, feeding, caring and the hygienic conditions are very important.

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