Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Information

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest cat has a very mysterious personality with its charming appearance. These highly private cats are one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world. Norwegian Forest cat, which is said to be alive for hundreds of years, has been deemed worthy of an award in Norway with its structure resistant to cold winter seasons. Norwegian Forest cat, an ancient cat breed, has earned a reputation as a rat hunter in many ships, markets, stables and houses with great hunter skills in ancient times. This breed, called fairy cats, was among the almost endangered animals in the early 20th century.

Physical Appearance of Norwegian Forest Cat Breed

Norwegian Forest cats have a very fascinating appearance with a hairs structure that looks like a coat. This cat type with natural hunting ability is considered to be a very large cat breed. Norwegian Forest cat, which is resistant to the coldest weather conditions thanks to its feather structure, is more comfortable with its short hairs in hot weather. Norwegian Forest cat, whose head structure is reminiscent of a triangle, has a noble appearance with its almond shaped eyes and long noses. Its ear structure, on the other hand, gives a wild appearance with its resemblance to Maine Coon cat. This body of cat type is quite muscular. It is known that this cat breed can be seen in almost any color and pattern, as well as chocolate, lilac, cinnamon colors that prevent it from being considered a breed.

Characteristics of Norwegian Forest Cat Breed

In addition to its striking appearance, the Norwegian Forest cat has a very humane personality with its sweet, gentle and soft nature. Norwegian Forest cat, whose ripening period is about 5 years, can behave like a baby for many years. This cat breed, which enjoys being loved and hug by people at all times, can take on a shy identity beside people they do not know. The Norwegian Forest cat, who is always happy to murmur with its silent speech behind its kindness, is happy to be involved in everything that happens around its. Also, with its advanced hunter personality, this cat breed, which is very curious and has a high tendency to learn, impresses with its intelligence.


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