Ocicat Cat

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Ocicat Cat

Ocicat is a cat breed that first appeared in America by accident. This cat breed, which has a wild appearance, almost resembles a small leopard. However, its structure is prominent with its gentle, loving and docile personality. The medium-sized Ocicat cat is thought to be born by mating the Abyssinian cat. Ocicat cat, which was noticed by a breeder who wanted to develop Siamese cat with the colours of Abyssinian cat in 1964, was considered a breed by cat associations in 1987. In addition to its wild appearance, this cute species, which is quite docile, has quickly managed to be the indispensable friend of families in many different parts of the world.

Physical Appearance of Ocicat Cat Breed

Ocicat cat, which has a wild appearance with its feather structure with gold and ivory spots, resembles a small leopard. However, besides their appearance, this cat breed, which has no wildness in its genes, is known for its very kind and loving personality. Ocicat, which has a very unique appearance with its spots on its skin, is among the large cat breeds. Ocicat cat, which has a very athletic body appearance, has a completely muscular structure. Its mouth is surrounded by strong jaws and its teeth and has a long appearance. Its ears have a medium-sized round appearance. In addition, its eyes are of medium size and can have any colour except blue.

Characteristics of Ocicat Cat Breed

Ocicat cat is one of the rare cat breeds that are likened to the dog with their behaviour. It is a highly educable breed with its personality that can establish an extremely strong bond with its owner. In addition, it is very smart and intelligent structure makes it very fast to learn new things. This cat breed, which has the characteristic of being a complete home cat with its nature independent personality, always likes to be taken care of itself and hates being alone. Therefore, there will be no suitable domestic cat selection for families with busy work pace.

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