Oriental Longhair Cat

Oriental Longhair Cat Breed Information

Oriental Longhair Cat

Oriental Longhair cats, which are considered as modern versions of Siamese cats, are known for their unique green eyes. In the Oriental Longhair breed, which can have fur in many colors and patterns, there are nearly 300 examples of fur patterns and colors. Oriental Longhair cats, which first became known in England in the 1800s, were considered as a version of Siamese cats at that time. It is known as the year 1894, when it was first examined as a different breed. After these years, Oriental Longhair, which attracted attention especially in England, started to be recorded as a different breed since 1924.

Physical Appearance of Oriental Longhair Cat Breed

Oriental Longhair cats are elegant, thin, very flexible but strong muscular cats. The body of these cats is weaker than Oriental Shorthair cats. Also Oriental Longhair cats are a very large and heavy cat breed. Although their weight can reach up to 21 lbs, this weight does not pose any problem, as they have a muscular body. Their head structures are long and triangular. They have cylindrical mouth and nose structures. Their noses are long and straight, and their jaws are strong. Their ears are proportional to their heads, but they are large. Their eyes are medium-sized and almond-shaped.

Characteristics of Oriental Longhair Cat Breed

Oriental Longhair cats are not susceptible to any known disease. Therefore, this breed, which can live for a very long time, has a great commitment to its owners during this time. Oriental Longhair cats, who enjoy living together with people, prefer to play with their owners, rather than playing on their owner. Their intelligence allows them to recognize certain commands and sounds. Although it is difficult to train according to some breeds, you can easily teach simple tricks to Oriental Longhair cats. Oriental Longhair cats’ tendency to eat too much can cause them to gain weight in a short time. Therefore, it is useful to be careful while feeding your cat.

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