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Oriental Shorthair Cat

Oriental Shorthair Cat Breed Information

Oriental Shorthair Cat

Oriental Shorthair was first produced in England in 1950, and today it gets its appearance by transferring many modern breeds to other breeds. Relatives of this cat breed are known as British Shorthair, Blue Russian, Abyssinian and Siamese cats. This very special and mysterious cat breed remains popular by masses around the world.

Physical Appearance of Oriental Shorthair Cat Breed

Oriental Shorthair cats have an extremely elegant and athletic appearance. Their facial expression have a pointed and protruding bone structure that adds an awake look. Their head region is in the shape of a triangle and is quite proportional to their body shape. In addition, they have a very aesthetic appearance with their thin neck structure. Oriental Shorthair cat eye color can generally be in many different colors from bright blue to green. The most common shades of this cat breed, whose hair is quite short and frequent, are known as white, black, lilac, cinnamon, and light brown. Care is very important for the Oriental Shorthair cat to live a healthy life at all times. Oriental Shorthair cat can survive for a long time if proper nutrition and proper environmental conditions are provided. Although it is a very healthy breed with its appearance,  that can be seen in Oriental Shorthair cat here are some hereditary diseases, such as liver amyloidosis and flat chest syndrome.

Characteristics of Oriental Shorthair Cat Breed

Like other cat breeds, Oriental Shorthair cat likes a routine life. It is happy to play games with its owner during the day outside of regular feeding and sleeping hours. With its extremely social and talkative personality, it is a cat breed that never gives up purr around. It is said that the of this breed, whose behavior is often compared to the dog, follow the owners constantly inside the house. Oriental Shorthair cat, which is extremely active in nature, enjoys playing interactive games. This breed, known to be quite intelligent in learning new things, enjoys walking around the garden if allowed.

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