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Persian Cat Breed Information

Without a doubt, the Persian cat breed is one of the most popular and preferred cat breeds in the world. These cats look stunning and they are famous for their intelligence. In addition to this, they are one of the rare and new breeds that can live under any circumstance. They are well good-natured cats which can get on well with young children and accept themselves as a part of the family. These cats also won numerous trophies in many contests thanks to their fluffy and long fur. They are regarded as the Miss Universe of all cat breeds.

Personality of Persian Cat Breed

Although the care of the Persian cat breed is quite challenging and requires expertise, it is an intelligent and quick learner cat. They are quite social cats which can spend hours by staying in contact with their owners. Even though they love humans, they may be quite picky in terms of their favorite owners. People need to spend time and effort to earn their respect and love. One of the well-known characteristics of this breed is they are quite capricious and they like to attract attention. In case you will fail to spare time for them, they will find a way to attract your attention to their behavior.

History of Persian Cat Breed

Although many people believe they are an ancient breed, according to the records, they were first seen in Europe around the 1500s. However, they earned their reputation in 1871 during a cat show held in London Crystal Palace. The Persian cat breed attracted so much attention that they are still one of the most preferred and adored cat breeds in the world for more than 150 years. Researchers believe that this breed brought to Europe from the areas around Turkey and Iran with the caravans.

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