Peterbald Cat

Peterbald Cat Breed Information

Peterbald Cat

Peterbald is a new breed of cat that appeared in Russia in 1993. This breed, which is among the medium size cat breeds, has a similar appearance with the Sphynx cat. Breeders think that this breeds was caused by the mating of Siamese, Oriental Shorthair and Sphynx cats. The most interesting feature of this breed is that it has a smooth appearance and a bat-like ear structure. Peterbald cat, which was born hairy in its young, becomes bald every day and has a hairless appearance. Introduced by Russia to the whole world in 1996, the Peterbald cat was adopted as a new breed by the cat associations in 1997. Also this cute cat breed, which is very few in number, is one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world.

Physical Appearance of Peterbald Cat Breed

The Peterbald cat, which has an extremely muscular appearance hidden under its thin, elegant and athletic body structure, is known to be quite powerful. Its narrow head structure and almond eyes, which you can easily separate from other cat breeds, attract attention with its protruding its nose structure. It also has a very noble appearance with bat-like ears and a whip-shaped tail. Generally seen in white, gray and similar tones, Peterbald cat’s feathers shed over time, although it appears to be intense at first. This cute cat, which has a folded structure with a direct skin appearance, will be a pretty good housemate even if it looks a bit wild. As with other cat breeds, regular grooming is very important for the Peterbald cat. However, you will not need to comb because the hair structure is not dense. Just wiping certain days of the week with a damp cloth or a warm bath will be enough for its body to look bright and flawless. You need to have your Peterbald cat’s nails cut at your pet hairdresser or veterinary clinic, where nail care is as important as feather care as well.

Characteristics of Peterbald Cat Breed

Peterbald cat, which stands out with its calm, loving and quiet attitudes, is known as a very curious breed. This cat breed, which wants to interfere with everything that is happening around it, has an extremely smart personality. It is also known that it can establish a very strong bond with its owner, like a dog. Since it is an interest-oriented cat, it is more accurate to stay with a person at all times. Peterbald is also happy to sleep with its owner and other family members it trusts.

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