Pixie Bob Cat

Pixie Bob Cat Breed Information

Pixie Bob Cat

It is said that a woman named Pixie Bob cat Carol Ann Brewer, which first appeared in the United States in 1985, was born in the same year by the mating of the spotted male cat and short-tailed female cats. In the following years, it was awarded the championship award in 1998 because it had a very different temperament and appearance than a normal Bobtail cat.

Physical Appearance of Pixie Bob Cat Breed

Pixie Bob cat looks very similar to the American Bobtail cat. However, many different features make it a different breed. Male cats of this breed have a larger appearance than females. They have a unique appearance with a pear-like head structure and long pointed ears. The medium-sized Pixie Bob cat has a silky appearance with a perfect plumage. Although it has a slightly brutal appearance due to its face structure, it is known for its very loving personality. In addition, the color shades of the Pixie Bob cat are known as spotted tabby, brown, light brown, chestnut.

Personality of Pixie Bob Cat Breed

Pixie Bob cat enjoys a routine life. It has a regular personality that meets sleep, nutrition and play needs at certain times of the day. In addition, its similarity with dogs does not go unnoticed. It is often said that they are happy to wander, go out and go shopping with their owner. It is also a cat breed that can make very good friendships with other pets when they are accustomed to it. They enjoy playing interactive games with their highly intelligent personality and they are highly skilled in bring-to-play games.

Care of Pixie Bob Cat Breed

Pixie Bob cat needs meticulous care like other cat types. Ensuring regular feeding and hygienic environment conditions are very important for this cat breed. Regular combing procedures to maintain hair structure first in grooming applications will help your Pixie Bob cat get rid of dead hair easily. You can also help your cat relax with a warm bath. With its fast and active personality, it will be enough to wipe the dust accumulated in your cat’s ears with a damp cloth regularly.

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