Pregnancy Symptom,

Pregnancy Symptom, Change and Delivery Process in Cats

The pregnancy process of cats, the changes that occur in this process and moreover, the birth process can be really difficult. Sometimes unexpected births can cause sudden deaths of kittens and traumas that are difficult for the mother to return. Therefore, if you are a cat owner, we would like to present some tips that you can manage this process much better. At this point, it should be noted that some symptoms are similar to humans. Because if you know these, you will understand what you can do much better.

You can consider changes in nipples to see if cats are pregnant. This symptom can give you some clues that your cat may be pregnant. A swollen nipple that has a dark pink color may show you some symptoms. Just as in humans, nausea will occur after a few days following. This nausea can sometimes persist as vomiting, and your normally rested cats may have a constant desire to rest all of a sudden. Because fatigue and weakness may have occurred now. However, anorexia may also occur. You can also understand the changes in body weights. It may have come to a very different point psychologically. Your cat, who constantly has fun with you, can suddenly become introvert. Or if it is introvert, it can become more mobile and loving.

If the breasts are overgrown and drooping, this will show that they are very close to birth. So in this case, try not to take them out in general. When the moment of birth comes, be prepared for several puppies. In the first foal, the mother cat can make large hums and screams. However, in the following ones, these contractions will turn into a less frequent. Staying with you in this process will strengthen it.

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