RagaMuffin Cat

RagaMuffin Cat

Attracting attention with its extremely beautiful appearance and soft feathers, this RagaMuffin Cat has a truly extraordinary beauty. This perfect cat is always in the first place for those who want to own a cat. RagaMuffin, which has a magnificent appearance with some different colors mixed with pinkish hair, draws attention with its noble stance in addition to its showiness. The hair of this beautiful cat, which you usually witness in the movies, is really soft and has a beauty that those who see will want to touch constantly. This cat breed, which lives up to the age of 15, can generally be between 9-14 kilograms. It also has heavier members.

RagaMuffin Cat Breed Information

This type of cat, whose Ragamuffin is often confused with his cousin Ragdoll, does not have any kinship with them. This type of cat, thought to be crossbreed from the mixture of Turkish Angoras, Persians, Burmese and long-haired domestic cats, is more like the Burmese breed with its very soft hair.

Personality of RagaMuffin Cat Breed

This type of cat, which is generally accepted as the most important guest of the parties, is placed from lap to lap with its cute appearance. This also shows how great feathers and head structure it actually has. Of course, in addition to its beautiful appearance, the aesthetic appearance of its feathers takes them one step ahead of other cat species. Eye colors make them truly cute cats. RagaMuffin is an adorable and highly dependent animal. However, these cats, which can be easily trained in terms of education, often shed a lot of fluff when they become cranky. So try not to annoy them. Otherwise, they may lose all their beauty.

History of RagaMuffin Cat Breed

In 1994, Turkish Angoras were crossbreed from a mixture of Persians, Burmese and longhaired domestic cats. It is one of the most preferred domestic cat species in many countries of the world today.

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