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Retrieve Objects in Cats Training

Retrieve Objects in Cats Training

Retrieve Objects in Cats Training

It is possible to teach commands to a cat, but you must show all your love, attention and patience. A cat should not be forced to do anything, he wants to perform a certain action.Ideally, it is necessary to make the animal think that it is the owner’s trainer. Let the cat think that the owner has given him the desserts and take his feet on his own initiative.The second important principle praise should always be expressed with the same word. This word can only be used during training. In everyday life, this word is banned. If you do not follow this rule, the cat will be confused and if there is praise, it will not understand how to execute this command.

Training should be done continuously, but should not be long.The animal gets tired and loses interest in studies.The best time for dressing is in the morning. At this time, the cat was rested, hungry and did not yet have time to fill the cat’s head with important animal relationships. Believe me, a cat’s job is more important than mastery training.The most common and simple team – “Ko me!” If the pup responds to its name, it is ready to execute this command. Every time you call him, add the “me” command after the animal’s name.

Once you have successfully completed this command, reward your pet with a part of your favorite treat. Cats quickly remember that the team is watching a treat. After a while, the kitten happily runs to his feet when he hears the words “me”.

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