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Savannah breed, which has a very clear history, Savannah Cat was first produced on April 7, 1986. . With the hearing of the Savannah breed being produced, the Savannah cats, which attracted the attention of the region’s professional producers Patrick Kelly and Joyce Sroufe, started to be produced quickly and professionally.

Physical Appearance of Savannah Cat Breed

Savannah cat has a wild appearance with its upright ear structure. If you The most distinctive feature of this breed, which is a very proud and graceful breed, If you is the mottled feather structure that resembles a leopard. . Savannah cats’ feathers structure is quite hard, their upper parts are quite soft.

Personality of Savannah Cat Breed

If you are looking for a still, calm cat, Savannah cats are not for you. Savannah breed is known for its active characters and the need to be constantly on the move. Another Having a very muscular and athletic body allows this breed to jump to very high points easily.

Care of

Simply comb your medium length hair of your twice a week. Another This cat is as a . Average life expectancy varies between 17 and 20 years if quality nutrition and suitable environmental conditions are provided. In order for your cat to live healthy and long lasting all the time, you need to carry out care practices regularly. It is useful to be sensitive about its nutrition. Also, to feed Savannah cats.

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