Scottish Fold Cat

Scottish Fold Cat Breed Information

Scottish Fold Cat

It is known that the Scottish Fold cat found in the barn by William Ross in the early 1960s expanded its genes by mating Iranian, Exotic Shorthair, American Shorthair and Burmese cat. It is said that the name of the first Scottish Fold cat was called Susie, and so it continued as the ancestors’ ears were curled down. As it is understood from its name, this breed, which is unique to Scotland, is today an ideal domestic cat by cat lovers in almost every part of the world.

Physical Appearance of Scottish Fold Cat Breed

Scottish Fold is the result of a natural mutation, and the most distinctive feature that distinguishes it from other cats is that it has curled ears. With its ear structure that adds a very cute appearance, its round head makes it look attractive from every angle. Another feature that distinguishes this cat breed from other breeds is its round and wide eyes. Some of the Scottish Fold cat, which can be seen in long or short hair, can be seen in the upright ear. Its eye color, which is shaped depending on its feather color, contributes to making it look confused and sweet. Its feather structure has a very soft, silky and plush appearance. With its feather structure that can be seen in many different colors and patterns, we can say that Scottish Fold cat is a very lovely.

Personality of Scottish Fold Cat Breed

Known for being pure, this cat breed is very determined to go after people and follow you wherever you go. It is said to follow its owner from room to room within the house. It is also known to be very fast in learning new things thanks to its smart and intelligent structure. One of the best things the Scottish Fold cat does is sit on its hind legs and watch for minutes its around. Scottish Fold cat, whose personality always resembles a baby, is never happy to be left alone.

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