Selkirk Rex Cat

Selkirk Rex Cat Breed Information

Selkirk Rex Cat

Selkirk Rex is known as an American breed of cat. Although it is not a very old breed, the Selkirk Rex cat, which appeared in the 1980s, is known to occur as a result of the mating of a female cat and a male cat with a curly gene. It is said that the types that existed in later times was mated with an Iranian cat. The Selkirk Rex cat is said to have given birth to curly hair kittens if it mates with another cat because of the dominant curly gene. The breed was first recognized by cat associations in 2009 and was awarded the championship award.

Physical Appearance of Selkirk Rex Cat Breed

Selkirk Rex is a cat breed with a short coat but a dense layer of feathers and curly floors resembling a sheep. Selkirk Rex cat, whose body structure is equipped with very large bones, draws attention with its large size. However, it is known that female cats of this breed are much smaller and petite than males. The eyes of the Selkirk Rex cat, which has a cute stance with its round eyes, can be any color. Featuring the most prominent appearance, its feathers have a soft and flawless posture with very dense layers. Although this breed does not have a certain color tone, it can be seen in any color and pattern in any floor that contains the color white.

Personality of Selkirk Rex Cat Breed

The gentle nature of the Selkirk Rex makes the cat a loving breed. It stands out with its humane personality, which can always get along well with its owner and surroundings. The most prominent feature of being a popular cat breed is said to be extremely tolerant. They are cats that are happy to run around and take care of themselves due to its structure that enjoys playing. Selkirk Rex cat, who does not like to be alone due to its highly humane nature, is not suitable for families with intense work pace.

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