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Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat Breed Information

Siamese Cat Breed Information

Siamese Cats, which have a very strong communication with people, are a race that distinguishes itself among cats with their different colors and characteristics. Siamese cat is a very rare cat that has been used as a temple keeper in Thailand. For this reason, they are also known as temple keeper cats. Also, with their blue eyes and intelligence, they are known in all over the world.Siamese Cats are pure and natural cat species. The pattern that resembles the mask they have; It consists of genes that mutate as a result of genetic problems. Siamese Cats have led to the birth of many new breeds and breeds thanks to their deep-rooted breed. Some of these cats are Oriental, Himalayan, Tonkinese, Havana and Balinese cats.

The stories of the Siamese Cats, which were very affectionate and respected in Thailand, were based on the gift of the British Consul General of England by Owen Gould in 1884 by the King of Siam. Afterwards, Siamese Cats continued to be produced by taking them to America and European countries.The Siamese Cat, respected and considered special in the 18th century, are noble cats in their characteristics. They still have not lost anything from these noble attitudes. Siamese Cats, fondly cared for at home by people; With their superior intelligence, agile and wiggly body structures, they arouse admiration in the eyes who see them.

The Siamese Cat is quite good at its communication with the people. A well-trained Siamese Cat will love his family and direct their instincts to protect them.The Siamese cats, which are easily known for their specific colors wherever they appear, are produced by crossbreeding the lighter and darker tones and the long-haired ones with different breeds. Different colors of Siamese Cat breeding studies were carried out. The resulting siamese types have been given names such as Redpoint, Creampoint, Bluepoint, and Lilapoint.

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