Siberian Cat

Siberian Cat Breed Information

Siberian Cat

Siberian Cats, who are very alert and very cute, are known for their strong and shiny fur. Although their yellow, brown and green eyes and shining pink tongues are their greatest features, it cannot be said to be exactly like a Persian cat. The origin of this cat in the Felis catus family is Russia. These cats, which are generally more than the average cat’s weight and owe it to their fur, are also extremely cold-resistant. It is seen that they play more on snow and stay out more than Siberian wolves. In fact, this must be the biggest reason why they are so strong. Of course, females can be up to 10 kilograms, while males can be up to 12 kilograms. Their life span is between 14-18, which means that they will live with you for a long time. You can come across this cat breed in many countries besides Russia and Belarus.

Siberian Cat Breed Information

Carrying the genes of several other breeds in addition to the Russian Blue, Balinese, Cornish Rex and Sphynx cat breeds, this cat is more like Sphynx with its noble and upright stance. However, it must be said that Cornish Rex genes carry heavy. Siberian cad breed gave unwanted results at first and was hybridized in laboratory environments of about 10 years.

Personality of Siberian Cat Breed

This type of cat, which seems very lethargic and really loves to sleep, actually loves to travel outside, even though it is Siberian cold. Therefore, if you are to adopt it, you need to be very careful about how you will behave in the summer months. Because these cats never like summer.


History of Siberian Cat Breed

Siberian cat, first hybridized by Harrison Wier in 1871, spread all over the world in 1990. Coming to the USA also coincides with these years.

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