Singapura Cat

Singapura Cat Breed Information

Singapura Cat

Singapura Cat, one of the most entertaining and funny cat breeds, is one of the cat breeds to be truly owned. This cat breed, which has a great appearance with its hairless skin and brown embossed skin structure, is based in Changai (Singapore). We call this cat really funny because they will want to jump on you and always have fun with you. If we say it forces you to play and be pleasant, I think we will not be wrong. However, this cat breed can reach up to 1.8 kilograms for males and 2.7 kilograms for males. They usually live up to the age of 15 and their eating habits are also very difficult. When you give a new nutritional diet, you can face huge problems.

Singapura Cat Breed Information

This cat breed brought from Singapore has been crossbreed from three drainage cats. These cats are generally used in vaccination for the formation of different cat breeds in the last few years. Because although they are hybrid breeds, they have very strong reproductive abilities and continue intensely as before.

Personality of Singapura Cat Breed

This kind of cat, loving and very dependent on its owner, is a type of cat you will generally want to own. It will provide you with a funny entertainment opportunity with its brown and short hairs, round face and triangular structures. We believe that they will have a great time especially with your children. You can feed it on balconies or shelters in your garden, or you can feed it at home if you wish. Singapura cats, who are generally calm, go crazy when their food diet changes and they have great health problems.

History of Singapura Cat Breed

The year it was first brought from Singapore to the USA was 1975, and after this year, hybridization studies were carried out and presented to the world as a new race.

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