Meow Personality Quiz

What Kind of Cat Am I?

It’s a question as old as time itself. Find out your cat type by taking this quiz!

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    Will you get a purr-fect score?

    • Ask them to pick it up and pop it in the bin
    • Chase it around for ages
    • Stare at it for a while
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    When is the best time of day to take a nap?

    • Any time of day is perfect
    • After Lunch
    • In the morning
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    There’s a piece of thread hanging off someones coat. What do you do?

    • Tell them
    • Pull at it
    • İgnore it
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    What’s your favourite meal?

    • Every meal is my favorite
    • Lasagne
    • Happy to eat anything at any time
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    Do you like to sunbathe?

    • I prefer the shade
    • As long as the sun’s on my belly, yes
    • I don’t mind but I’d rather nap in the dark
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    Do you like dogs?

    • From a distance
    • Nope
    • Not a chance
  • Question of

    Fancy a swim?

    • No
    • Nope
    • Not for me
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    How do you get someone’s attention while they’re eating?

    • Say their name
    • Bump them with my head
    • Stare at them until they look up
  • Question of

    What kind of TV shows do you enjoy watching?

    • Nature programmes
    • Friends
    • Cooking shows
  • Question of

    You’re at the doctors and notice they have an aquarium. What happens next?

    • I press my face against the aquarium to get a better look
    • I look a for a bit and finish reading my Beano
    • Go for swim?

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