Snowshoe Cat

Snowshoe Cat Breed Information

Snowshoe cat

Snowshoe Cat, also known as Snowshoe, is a remarkable cat breed with impressive feathers and wonderful eyes. In fact, this type of cat, whose feet are white, can sometimes be in different colors. In addition to white color, it can also be brown. This cat breed is actually very docile, but it can be a really tough cat breed when its locations are changed and its owners change. That’s why you shouldn’t change your diet. These cats can be between 4-7 kilograms. Females are lighter than males. However, the age periods are between the ages of 14-17.

Snowshoe Cat Breed Information

This type of cat, originating in the USA, is a cat breed produced and hybridized in Philadelphia. It is also worth noting that the cat has a very impressive ancestor. This breed of cat, which is a Siamese breed and which has been crossbreed more than a few other hybrid breeds with Siamese, was originally intended to be hybridized several times before, but did not give the desired result since intermediate breeds occurred.

Personality of Snowshoe Cat Breed

Enjoying a lot of fun, Snowshoe cat is very energetic especially in the winter months and is able to attract the attention of its owner significantly. In addition to being strong, you will want these cats, which are also very sympathetic, to be owned. Snowshoe cats, which have a funny and life-friendly personality, also have impulses that will prevent you from getting bored whenever you want. Also, it is necessary to add that they are a very suitable cat for training.

History of Snowshoe Cat Breed

Snowshoe Cat is a hybrid race in Philadelphia in 1960. Already after that, although a few intermediate hybrid breeds were built, the most remarkable cat was Snowshoe. In 1990, they were fertilized once again with a different intermediate cross breed and became the ancestor of many cross breeds of cat breeds that are very common today.

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