Somali Cat

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Somali Cat

Somalia cat, thought to be a rather old breed, BC. it is located in papyrus in 990. It is known that this breed of cats, whose ancestors were considered Abyssinian cats, was discovered by American breeders. For the continuity of the breed, it has been reached until today with the use of the Abyssinian cat in the gene pool. Somali cat was awarded with the championship award in 2004 with its short and long hair structure.

Physical Appearance of Somali Cat Breed

Somali cat is a very elegant breed with a wonderful feather color. Although its appearance is wild, its personality is known as the opposite. The soft and silky hair structure surrounds every part of the Somali cat’s body. Its eyes are almond-shaped, large and bright. It adds a mask appearance due to the pale color around its eyes. The Somali cat, which has a hard, muscular and curved body structure, is of medium size. Its tail length is proportional to its body structure. Its hair structure, which can be seen both short and long, is quite dense and thin. Also, Somali cat can be seen in chocolate, lilac, blue, red cream, spotted, tortie, light brown, silver, copper and lilac shades.

Personality of Somali Cat Breed

The clever personality Somali cat enjoys discovering new places and spending time outside. But it has to go out in a sheltered area. It is said to be happy to be with such other pets that also adapt to home life. Somali cat, which is firmly connected to people, can have fun like a clown. This breed, which enjoys being with people, does not cease to meow with its highly talkative structure.

Health Condition of Somali Cat Breed

Somali cat can live for many years provided regular care and proper nutritional conditions are provided. This breed, of which any hereditary disease is unknown, is one of the healthiest cats. It seems that your cat’s average lifespan can vary from 12 to 14 years. It is recommended that you always carry out care practices to protect the Somali cat’s health.

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