Sphynx Cat

Sphynx Cat Breed Information

Sphynx Cat Breed Information

Sphinxes, which are among the most diverse and remarkable cats in the world, have a unique appearance with their hairless and saggy skin. Being among the benign, intelligent, lively and docile cat breeds, the Sphinx Cat also has a sweet body structure that allows people to have a warm and soft feel when touched. Especially in Canada, the Sphinx (Sphynx) Cat, which can be found in every home, increases the energy of people with its docile attitudes and interesting body structures.To look at the history of the Sphinx cats, it will be necessary to go to the history of the city of Toronto in Canada. In fact, the Sphinxes, surprisingly accidentally emerging, were born from a black cat, causing a condition that was never encountered in the genetic mutation.

The owners of this born Sphinx Cat have become aware of its unique body structure and have agreed to receive help from the scientists required for reproduction studies. Years later, other hairless cat breeds emerged with the upbringing of the Sphinx cat, a breed with little hair on its body, in Minnesota, USA and Toronto, Canada.When the years of 1970 and onwards were examined, many hairless Sphinx cats were born from fluffy cats, just like the Abyssinian Cat. The hairless feature, a hesitant gene, has thus been genetically studied and has been the subject of changes that will predominate during mating.

Sphinxes, also known as Canadian hairless cats, are an accepted specie by the ‘Cat Enthusiasts Association’ and ‘International Cat Association’. These cats are also known as Egyptian Cat in the African Continent.Sphinxes are among the types of cats that loves interest. Moreover, The Sphinxes which have managed to draw the attention of people in every environment they visit with the use of their athletic structure and emotional sincerity.

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