Suffolk Cat

Suffolk Cat Breed Information

Suffolk (Suffolk Chocolate)

Suffolk, or with their widely known name Suffolk Chocolate, is a recently developed cat breed, even one of the newest breeds. It is originated from the British Havana Brown in the last 10 years, by being registered as a specific new breed in 2014. Havana Brown breed is due to development since 1950’s, creating some classifications and sub-classifications which are mainly similar.


They are middle sized cats with stylish glossy hair, mostly in dark brown colour which defined the breed’s name. Rarely, they may have lilac coloured hair, too. They have muscular and balanced body with average sizes. They like to use their pawns for examining things and also for communication with others. They have moderate head and ear sizes. Like most of the cat breeds, male Suffolk cats are bigger then the females.


Suffolk Chocolate are chatty, energetic, lively and active cats. They love jumping and climbing, they can play with a cat toy for hours. They will be human oriented pets and asking time to be shared with them. Because of their characteristics, they are called dog-like cats. They are good with other cats or pets. They will be devoted to the family, good companions with kids and be a faithful member in a short time. Thanks to this features, it is obvious that they are ideal house cats, especially houses with a dog.

How to Care

Like all glossy haired cats, having some oil based food like fish oil in their diet will help them to stay healthy and to maintain the beauty of their hair. They don’t need detailed care, regularly combing and damping their easy to care hair will be enough. Except some rare gingivitis occurance, they are not susceptible to any inherited disease risks, they are strong and durable. They are ideal cats to travel, even to be harnessed outside.

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