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Thai Cat Breed - The Beauty Of A Unique Cat Breed The sleek, beautiful, and long-haired cats of Thailand are known worldwide as the "king or queen of cats". They are said to be one of the oldest breeds of domestic cats in the world. Their distinct features and unique behavior have made them one of the most popular pets.

Thai Cat

This Thai cat breed is indeed an extraordinary race that draws attention with its excellent appearance. It should be noted that although Thailand is the origin, it has quite a lot of ownership in other countries. This type of cat, also known as bat-eared, has a mixture of white and brown colors, but can sometimes contain other colors. The Thai Cats, which are usually brown, hazel, and green eyes, can live up to the age of 17.

While the females are 5-7 kilograms, the males can reach up to 10 kilograms. It is a fact that the Thai cats, which are in the pet category, do not keep up with the wildlife. Of course, it may sometimes be a problem to shed a lot of fluff in the winter and to smell extremely badly. However, you can easily solve these situations with your veterinarian.

Thai cat
Thai cat

Unique Thai Cat Breed

Today, there are many Thai cat breeders who breed and sell this charming cat breed all over the world. Well, maybe not all of them are true but they do exist. For instance, there is the ‘apprehended or ‘almond headed’ variety of Thailand cat breed which is believed to have been brought to Siam by traders of Thailand.

Another version says that the Thai cats were brought to Siam from Laos by Buddhist monks sometime around the 11th century. History shows that monks brought some of these cats to the country and started breeding them. These unique cats have become one of the most lovable attractions of Siam.

Thai cat
Thai cats

Today, there are many reputable pet stores in Thailand that offer a wide variety of exotic pets. If you really want to find out more about Thailand’s most beloved pets, you can go online and learn more about the rich history of this tiny country, about the various religions practiced in their culture, and about how the Thai people treat their pets. Indeed, visiting Thailand may be one of your most fulfilling pet vacations.

Thai Cat Breed Information

Thai Cats, which were obtained by breeding Siamese and Birman cat breeds, were more attracted from the Siamese cat breed, while they were pulled from the Birman cat breed in color and body structure. Although their eye structures are more reminiscent of Persian cats, they do not have any kind of kinship between them and there is no fertilization between them.

Thai cats
Thai cats

The personality of Thai Cat Breed

Especially mother Thai Cats have a really scary facial expression. Although they are domestic cats, they always have frightening posture and appearance. However, after a while, Thai cats who are accustomed to their owners can really be very loving and extroverted.

But it will need some time for this. Especially during birth or during pregnancy, these cats have great psychological problems and some of them die during this period. Find A Cheap Thai Cat Price

We all know it is hard to shop for a quality pet but if you do not know much about Thailand or the country of Thailand then shopping at a Thai Cat price may confuse you. Yes, Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for exotic pets and if you want to shop for your pet at its best price then visiting a pet store in Bangkok will help you find one.

In Bangkok, they will be able to help you find the right kind of pet for your budget. The Thai Cats will also give you information about the prices and maybe even help you book your trip with the airline. You can even look online at various websites to get an idea of the prices of the various items available and then go and shop from the pet store for your new pet.

Where You Can Get Help:

There are many good pet stores around Bangkok that will offer you a good discount on the price of the animal you are purchasing and many of them will also offer free shipping and arrange pick up of your new pet so that you do not have to worry about that at all. The prices can be much cheaper than that of a regular kennel in America and they will stock a better variety of animals as well.

Thai Cat
Thai cat

Some of the pet stores will also be keeping litters of kittens and all of the other breeds of cats so they will have a better choice as well. The prices will vary according to the size of the animal and there will be some that will be priced very competitively compared to those in regular stores. If you want to save money while you are purchasing your animal then you can always ask the pet store sales representative for better prices as they can get discounts with sales.

You will be surprised at how much money you can actually save by shopping around and finding great deals on certain animals such as a Thai cat. Prices can even be as low as fifty dollars for a basic healthy cat. No matter what breed of cat you are looking for you will be able to find it with just a little bit of looking around online.

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