Thai Cat

Thai Cat

This Thai breed is indeed an extraordinary race that draws attention with its excellent appearance. It should be noted that although Thailand is the origin, it has quite a lot of ownership in other countries. This type of cat, also known as bat-eared, has a mixture of white and brown colors, but can sometimes contain other colors. These cats, which are usually brown, hazel and green eyes, can live up to the age of 17. While the females are 5-7 kilograms, the males can reach up to 10 kilograms. It is a fact that these cats, which are in the pet category, do not keep up with the wild life. Of course, it may sometimes be a problem to shed a lot of fluff in the winter and to smell extremely badly. However, you can easily solve these situations with your veterinarian.

Thai Cat Breed Information

These cats, which were obtained by breeding Siamese and Birman cat breeds, were more attracted from the Siamese cat breed, while they were pulled from the Birman cat breed in color and body structure. Although their eye structures are more reminiscent of Persian cats, they do not have any kind of kinship between them and there is no fertilization between them.

Personality of Thai Cat Breed

Especially mother Thai Cats has a really scary facial expression. Although they are domestic cats, they always have a frightening posture and appearance. However, after a while, Thai cats who are accustomed to their owners can really be very loving and extrovert. But it will need some time for this. Especially during birth or during pregnancy, these cats have great psychological problems and some of them die during this period.

History of Thai Cat Breed

These cats, which were mated in Thailand in the 1950s, were later marketed to all Far Asian countries in the 1960s. After the 1980s, they were marketed towards continental Europe.

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