The Frequency of Bathing Kittens

The Frequency of Bathing Kittens

All cat caregivers should know the frequency of bathing kittens for their health. Washing and cleaning them also could be hard for us from time to time because usually, we force them to a bath. Also, one of the wrong things caregivers accept as true is that if we clean them frequently, their shedding will be diminished. Therefore, it is not a good idea to bath kitten just to keep your house clean that is why the frequency of bathing kittens should be known.

Do Your Kitten Like Water?

Firstly, try to arrange the frequency of bathing your kittens according to their pleasure. Some groups of cats like water and bathing time. Our purpose is not to bother them. Other than their pleasure, we need to be sure that we do not prevent their own cleaning process. Cats usually spend their time either sleeping or cleaning themselves. For this reason, kittens need to adapt and get accustomed to this process with the correct frequency of bathing kittens. Though we wash them, they should be able to clean themselves with their tongue.

Bathing After Treatments

You should not forget about the treatment times of your kittens. For kittens, worm and flea treatments are quite common for kitten treatments. After such kind of treatment, you should wait at least 48 hours to bath them that is why you should also consult your vet after surgeries for the correct time to wash.

What Kind of Soup You Should Use

You should get a shampoo designed for cats; it is not true to use shampoos for humans. This shampoo can contain herbal healthy treatments for them. You should search for the ingredients if they have harms for the kittens. For instance, tea tree oil is not preferable since it can cause some toxic effects on kittens. While choosing the shampoo, again it is important to check if your kitten will love smelling and feeling it to decide the best shampoo for them. Choosing the correct washing shampoo will also help you to decide on the frequency of bathing kittens.

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