The Frequency of Feeding Cats a Day

The Frequency of Feeding Cats a Day

Cat caregivers usually worry about their schedule of feeding the cat. They either worry about feeding them too much or too little. If they feed them too much, they are afraid of causing overweight for their cats. Otherwise, the cats might feel hungry and they can try to consume anything, which is not appropriate for them as food. The food type and the need for your cat matter for the frequency of feeding cats a day.

Consistency in the Feeding Schedule

Making a schedule is important for both you and your cat because as well as the cat, your daily life matters. You can choose the best time phase considering your daily routine. After deciding the meal you want to feed your cat, be consistent to comply with that process. The frequency of feeding cats a day may start with a consistent feeding schedule. With this type of consistency, you can prevent your cat from going to obesity.

What Are Your Cat’s Needs?

How old is your cat? Does it have a disease or treatment? While arranging a meal schedule for your cat, you should consider its age, and diseases if any. Even its class and race can help you to change this schedule. A cat should have at least two meals a day. A kitten may need the utmost 4 meals in a day. When it gets older, the meals may reduce, or you can change food types from dry food to canned food to make it easier to chew and digest. To define the frequency of feeding cats a day, you should know your cat.

Make a Change and Apply Mixed Feeding

Mixed or combination feeding offers your cat both some certain meals with dry food, and other snacks like people do. For instance, as meals in a day, you can give them canned food. Other than these certain meals, probably twice a day, you can present dry food within a day randomly. It will also help if your cat cannot gain enough amount of food in a meal and then begin moaning for food. With the combination feed, cats will be able to gain different nutrients and tastes.

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