The Key Parts of Feeding Dogs

The Key Parts of Feeding Dogs

Dog caregivers concern about the food type they present for their dogs. It is better to state that dogs are not as fragile and delicate as cats, so dog caregivers are lucky at this point. The digestion systems of dogs are stronger than cats. For this reason, they can consume some extra things that cats should not. For instance, a dog can eat carbohydrates and a mix of plant and meat diet. Therefore, for the key parts of feeding dogs, you should not think they need a meat-based diet.

The Age Matter

The key parts of feeding dogs can be arranged according to the age of your dog. They have basically three milestones: puppy, adult, and senior. A puppy can consume more proteins and calories compared to adults and seniors. Their immune system is about to improve at this age. Also, they are intrinsically more energetic so you can see how much they need protein and calories. For the foods of adult dogs, you can prefer food including vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, and some proteins rather than foods with a high amount of protein and calories. If they continue to consume protein and calorie-based foods, it might cause obesity for them. Lastly, for senior dogs, you should prefer food involving mostly fiber, fatty acids, and proteins. In this process, instead of calories, we should present fiber to them, which prevents your dog from having metabolism diseases and problems.

The Nutrition They Need

Dogs are carnivores creatures. However, almost every type of nutrition is a need for them especially after considering their age. For instance, it would not be true to apply a meat-based diet to your senior dog. Other than nutrition stated for their specific age, they can also consume fats and carbohydrates, unlike the common idea that dogs cannot digest carbohydrates.

Raw Foods or Cooked Foods?

As mentioned, mostly cooked foods can be digestible for them since raw foods may cause a lot of problems in their immune and digestive systems. Especially, grains and complex carbohydrates can be given only if they are cooked. Cooking the foods and considering their age are the key parts of feeding dogs.

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