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The Unknowns About Cats V2

The Unknowns About Cats 2

We have previously presented you with unknowns about cats. In addition to the same article, we have compiled the following article for you. Here are the unknowns about cats.

Although female cats use their right feet better, it is known that males use their left feet better.

The majority of cat owners are university graduates or at least high school graduates.

Dessert is a flavoring texture that is not felt for cats.

The brain structures of humans and cats are almost the same. The nervous systems that produce emotions are almost exactly the same.

Cats rub against people, perceive their owners better and show their place to other cats, making them accept that they are their own. In this way, a new cat does not come there.

Cat owners have a lower percentage of heart attack or stroke rates than other people. This should actually be very good news for heart patients.

Although they have lower IQ values ​​when they encounter dogs, they are much faster and more practical in their answers to problems.

They love milk because their lactose tolerance levels are very low and they can never refuse milk.

Cat noise has a healing effect. This may be because they are angry or calm. There is also a known fact that cats also have a therapeutic noise for humans.

Cats’ meow can also be perceived as a kind of meditation. In this way, people can get what they want. Dogs can also be a simple feed for them.

It is thought that there are more than 500 million domestic cats in the world. They are thought to be at least 4 times as much as street cats.

A cat named Dusty in the world has delivered more than 420 births in his life. No cat has yet to break this record.

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