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Toilet Training For Cats

Toilet Training

Toilet Training For Cats

As the most famous Renaissance figure Leonardo da Vinci mentioned in his famous quote “Smallest feline is a masterpiece”, cats have been adored by human beings for hundreds of years. Like for all pets living in our houses together with us, toilet training for cats is very important for our daily life. Good news for cat lovers; toilet training for cats is easier than dogs.

When Should We Begin Toilet Training For Cats?

After the kitten is born, for the first 3-4 weeks she may not be able to urinate or defecate by herself. During this period, her mother gently rubs her abdomen and helps her to do it. After this stage, kitten is ready to be trained for toilet. That means we should begin training our cat immediately after adopting them. As cats are clean creatures, by helping them with some easy steps, they will be trained in a short time.

How Do We Toilet-Train a Cat?

First of all, we have to keep in our mind that every cat has a unique character and personal behaviours. Secondly, cats may be embarrased about her toilet habits, so we have to pay attention for her privacy. A litter box or a tray filled with sand will be enough to define her toilet. This should be prepared in a different place, far away from the place that she is fed. After every awakening and each feeding, we habe to place her in this toilet area. In the first days, being patient and observing her attitudes will make the training easier. The smell in this toilet area will train her in a short time, generally one week will be enough. If we adopt an adult cat who was toilet-trained before, knowing her previous toilet habits and continuing in the same way will be important.

Accidents About Toilet?

If small toilet accidents happen, try to be patient in the first days. If it continues, there may be some possible reasons. She may be dissatisfied about the litter box or sand, or the toilet place. The time for mating may have come, in this situation, she may want to leave her trace to the environment to attract a partner. She may be trying to draw our attention. Don’t forget, every cat is different and every case needs a different solution.

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