Tonkinese Cat

Tonkinese Cat Breed Information

Tonkinese Cat

These cute cats, which reflect the black / brown mixture on the face and attract people with their white skin, are based in USA, Canada and Thailand. This cute animal from the Felis catus breed draws attention with its brown colors in addition to its white paws. Especially in recent years, countries such as Germany and France have been trying to crossbreed with different races and help is received to create many new races. Their maximum life span is 18 years. Females are between 6-8 kilograms and males between 7-9 kilograms. This breed of cat, which is not used to live in shelters, usually lives in houses and balconies. These cats, known for their clean scents and shiny fur, have been taken under protection by breed protection organizations since 2009.

Tonkinese Cat Breed Information

These cats, which were crossbred by crossbreeding between two breeds, Siamese and Burmese breeds that are native to Southeast Asia, are also ancestor breeds for the next breeds. Because it is stated that after races in France and Germany, new races will be created by using Tonkinese.

Personality of Tonkinese Cat Breed

Although it is generally domesticated, it has deep traces of wildlife. These tough and sometimes grumbling cats can be really gentle and very loving when they get used to their owners. However, if we say that it is a very loyal kind for its owners, I think we will overdo it. Therefore, people who want to own ownership may have to wait a long time to establish friendship and friendship.

History of Tonkinese Cat Breed

Crossbreeding studies between Siamese and Burmese cat breeds were first carried out in the 1950s. Its main character was Milan Greer. Unfortunately, this race was unveiled to the world 30 years later and was announced by the Canadian Science Foundation in the 1980s.

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