Toyger Cat

Toyger Cat Breed Information

Toyger Cat

Extremely powerful and fast, Toyger Cats is one of the cats that will truly demand ownership. This cat, which has become a mascot of the environment thanks to its fun and agile feature, really does everything to prevent people from getting bored. This cat, originating in the USA, lives up to the age of 16 and is in the range of 6-14 kilograms. The females are lighter although they have a harder structure than their males. Therefore, females and males are often confused. Their yellow and black fur actually likens them to a lath or tiger. Anyway, they are actually members of the Felis Catus family.

Toyger Cat Breed Information

This breed, produced by crossbreeding the Bengal and domestic mackerel tabby breeds, is highly preferred in the USA and other Latin American countries as one of the most embraced cats of recent times. A local cat breed brought from Bengal, this cat was hybridized as a result of breeding work in the USA. Their weights and speeds differ slightly according to the cat breeds used for crossbreeding.

Personality of Toyger Cat Breed

These extroverted, playful and gregarious cats can really challenge you after a while. How Does? Because after a while these cats can become harder and wilder. If you think you can endure such a situation, you will find that they are a beautiful cat that you may want to own.

History of Toyger Cat Breed

Produced in reverse hybridization studies between Bengal cats and unpedigreed domestic short-haired cats, this cat was improved by Judy Sugden in the 1980s. Toyger cat which can be regarded as a cat that is not very similar to the other breeds produced among the cat breeds and is quite combative. It is also extremely difficult to train these cats, but it is not impossible.

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