Turkish Angora Cat

Turkish Angora Cat Breed

Turkish Angora Cat 

It is a cat type that are seen in the capital of Turkey. They have white bright long hair. Usually eye colors are blue, green, gold and hazel. They love playing with their owner and its toys. They have beefy body. People usually stir up Turkish Angora cat and Persian cat. Although they resemble each other, they are not the same cat. Turkish Angora cat lives 12- 18 years in average.

The History of Turkish Angora Cat Breed

With having been taken away by sailors to Europe in the crusades, Turkish Angora Cat began to expand in 18th century. At that time, this cat become favorite in aristocrats.

The Appearance of Turkish Angora Cat Breed

A pureblood Turkish Angora Cat has long white hair while it is seen that the crossbreeds have different hair colors. The growth of hair stops when cat is 2 years. There are hairs in their ears. This makes it more attractive. We cannot say that eye color does not show us that if it is pureblood like hair color. However, not all of them have the same eye color. Their eyes can be different from each other. It is common that cats are deaf when they have different eye colors while the others who have the same eye color can hear voices normally.

The Caring of Turkish Angora Cat Breed

Because of their sensitive gingiva, they tend to become sick. For this reason, you should clean their mouth properly and regularly. But it is enough to cut nails once a week. Due to having long hair, they need to be combed.

How to Feed Turkish Angora Cat Breed?

You can feed them with normal cat food. And you also give treats. Be careful about amount of the food. Because they should eat in accordance with their kilogram, type etc. Water is also important for them. If it can drink water that it needs, you can see that its hair looks so bright.

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