Turkish Van Cat

Turkish Van Cat Breed Information

Turkish Van Cat Breed Information

Turkish Van cat breed is one of the rare and oldest cat breeds in the world. This amazing creature can easily steal the show from any breed with its different eye colors. In general, one of the eyes of this breed is green while the other one is blue. In addition to this, their eyes are generally slightly larger than the other breeds. If you are looking for an exotic breed to feed at home, without a doubt, this is one of the best breeds you can prefer. Their full-white fur also let this breed stand out in the crowd easily.

Personality of Turkish Van Cat Breed

These cats are quite a social breed and they even do not matter living in small apartments. If they will have more than one owner, they tend to have their favorite owner and spend more time with that person. They do not like to stay alone during the night time and they usually prefer to stay close to their owners. They are extremely intelligent and can be trained quickly and easily when compared to the other cat breeds. Unlike other cats, the Turkish Van cat breed loves to spend time in the water thanks to their waterproof fur.

History of Turkish Van Cat Breed

As you can guess Turkish Van cat breed is originated in Van city of Turkey. Van is a city located in the eastern part of the country and famous for Lake Van. This breed is one of the ancient breeds. Many people confuse the breed with the Angora cat breed, which is also originated in Turkey and known as the oldest cat breed in the world. Both breeds are completely different apart from their sizes. According to legends, this breed is the one that accepted to Noah’s Ark as well. The breed is mentioned both in sacred books of Islam and Judaism.

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