What Are the Diseases of Budgerigar?

What Are the Diseases of Budgerigar?

Budgerigars or Budgies are quite friendly animals who build up a special commitment with their caregivers. Unfortunately, they are so fragile and delicate. Even cold warm weather can affect their health negatively. That is why the place the caregivers place them and the heat of the environment and the hygiene of their birdcage are important. Some diseases of budgerigar are caused by these unwell conditions.

Budgie Sneezing

Budgie sneezing is caused by influenza. Their signs and symptoms are quite similar to human influenza. You can notice weakness and exhaustion in your budgie. They would sneeze and cough a lot. They have a runny nose. This disease is probably caused by bad weather conditions and a bad environment. Budgie sneezing can last a month so you need to take care of your budgie well. Budgie sneezing is a common disease of budgerigar since they are fragile.

Budgie Splayed Feet

This disease occurs when the nestbox of the bird places in the wrong way. Their leg bone has difficulties to grow and work well. You can support the bird with high-quality foods and beddings. You should reconsider how it is bedded. Make sure that in this process, it continues to eat. You need to correct the splayed feet with your support to develop its feet. When you visit a vet, he will also guide you.

Psittacosis or Parrot Fever

The reason why it is called psittacosis is that it is caused by a bacteria called chlamydia psittaci. This bacteria and this disease are important because unlike other diseases of the budgerigar, it can harm people. People can be also carriers of this disease due to their bird. Especially some groups of people like babies, pregnant women, and elders might be under the risk. In this disease, your bird will have quite a hot temperature.

Protozoal Infection

Protozoal infections involving giardia and trichomonas can be among the deadly diseases of budgerigar. Detecting this disease early might promote and increases their life quality. This disease may create traumatic events for your bird, which shows that it is a disease running into mentality. This disease can poison their immune system. It can especially occur in their breeding time.


Some tumor types of the diseases of budgerigar are kidneys tumor, intracranial tumor, fatty tumor, testicular tumor, adrenal tumors, benign, and malignant tumors. As seen, there are a lot of tumor types for budgies. The reasons and consequences of them are so different that you definitely need to see a vet. Some of them are caused by their genetics related to their reports. If you adopt them from a pet shop, you may see the report of budgie about their parents and the diseases they lived or died. Some tumors begin within a specific body part and spread the other parts of the body.

Liver Disease

It is one of the diseases of the budgerigar, which can be healed and cured with the help of high-quality foods because it is known that usually lack of qualified food causes this disease. The loss in appetite can also be seen in Budgie with liver disease.

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