What Are the Most Obedient Bird Species?

What Are the Most Obedient Bird Species?

Birds are naturally free and wild animals. They tend to live in their private habitat in nature. Besides, it is usually underestimated that there are millions of bird species. Obviously, some of them are quite appropriate to be domesticated. There are even some bird species that can be trained. You must have heard about the birds that can speak. These are the ones the most obedient bird species. If you are looking for an obedient bird species to train, these may help you.


You might be surprised when you learn canaries are among the most obedient bird species, yet that is true. These little birds can get used to human beings as well. Still, we do not see canaries in a birdcage. It is probably because they are so fragile and delicate birds to live in a birdcage. You need to reach them calmly and peacefully. They can be trained to use their beautiful voice. They are good at singing.


They are rare species that are not known by everybody. They are more obedient at an early age. It is hard to make them talk like parrots. They are clever though. They can learn quickly. It is believed that they have a mathematical intelligence since they can do puzzles.


Almost every type of parrots is the most obedient bird species. Amazon Parrots and African Gray Parrots are a few of them. They are good at imitating human sounds. They are very famous at their speaking ability that they are mostly characterized in movies and books.

Budgies Parakeets

They are so friendly bird species that they can easily live in the birdcage with their caregivers. They are obedient and peaceful. Like the other pets, they like to get closer to their caregivers. They are both able to talk and play with their caregivers. It is important for caregivers to spend time with them to increase their loyalty and commitment.

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