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What are the Symptoms of Corona Virus in Cats?

What are the Symptoms of Corona Virus in Cats?

Cats, like many other animals, have important host cells for Covid-19. Scientific research has previously shown that cats are very powerful animals with host cells of this virus, such as bats, mice and dogs. Of course, like humans, this virus is not a situation where it can directly touch the immune system, but cats can still become a serious trigger in this context. We also clearly see in the announcement of a research result in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on April 22 that cats are indeed among the animals with coronavirus symptoms. This should not necessarily mean that all cats carry Covid-19, but it should be regarded as one of the target animals and it is extremely important to take measures in this context. Otherwise, you may encounter a problem that you cannot come out of.

Although the effect of this virus is still seen in 3 cat species, researchers are reluctant to say these cat species. Because in this case, it is thought that domestic cats can be abused by their owners. However, there is no clear conclusion about whether other stray cat species also carry this virus or not, because in this case, it is thought that humans can abuse these cats. Nevertheless, the experts warn and demand that the social distance and protection measures applied by the cat owners to them be applied to their cats. In this way, although cats have a passive transmission effect, they may not experience this problem thanks to the application of protection and measures.

However, when you see problems such as excessive tremors, vomiting, diarrhea, aggressive attitudes, and dizziness in your cat, you should immediately contact the veterinarian. Otherwise, you may encounter undesirable situations. So in case of doubt, you need to act immediately.



Cats and Coronavirus Risks?

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