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What are the Symptoms of Parasites in Cats?

What are the Symptoms ?

What are the Symptoms of Parasites in Cats?

Cats are animals with wonderful habitats for parasites. Cats, especially those that host single-celled creatures, may show that they contain parasites with some symptoms. Parasitized cats become sluggish in a short time with the effect of unhealthy living conditions and living standards decrease considerably. However, some of these parasites can turn into threats for the surrounding beings. This is why cats need to be checked for parasites and the necessary treatments if there are parasites.

What are the Parasite Types Found in Cats?

In fact, if we point out some types of parasites found in cats; In this way, we can reveal the necessary treatment methods very well. Ticks, pinworms, intestinal worms, heartworms and fleas can be found in various areas of live organisms of cats.

What Problems Can Parasites Cause? What are the Symptoms?

Some unicellular organisms and other microorganisms, which we have mentioned above, can be found in different regions of the cat’s body. Fleas, ticks, and lice are mostly found on the skin and can cause itching, rash, swelling, molt, and similar symptoms.
Intestinal worms can cause problems such as vomiting, neglect, stool incontinence.
Although water parasites are found in many parts of the body, they accumulate more in the eye part, which can cause symptoms such as inflammation, tear and itching, as well as swelling and scarring.

Treatment as a Result of Symptoms

After the symptoms are revealed, the necessary treatments can be done. You can follow and learn some of these symptoms yourself. However, veterinary control is required to examine symptoms that require deep analysis and from some other underlying problems. Again, the veterinarian will present the best diagnosis and then the most appropriate treatment method.
After medications and other steps to be taken under veterinary control, parasites will disappear partially or completely within 1 week. For this, follow the correct methods.

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