What Cat Caregivers Do Wrong

What Cat Caregivers Do Wrong

Sometimes there might be misconceptions about the maintenance of cats. While we are taking care of them, we can apply the wrong ways to care for them based on common wrong knowledge. It is important to correct what cat caregivers do wrong. Some false knowledge like feeding the cats with milk can cause inner diseases and it could be hard for you to notice it then


1. Over Cleaning the Cats

Overcleaning and over-grooming are the most popular things among what cat caregivers do wrong. Generally, people tend to think that when they clean their cats occasionally, it will make the house cleaner by preventing them from shedding. However, these conceptions are all wrong. Besides, it is very harmful to cats because cats need to take care of their own cleaning during the day. When you do your cat’s job, they will be handicapped while doing their own job. Besides, there is a risk of poising your cat, if you could not clear of the soup or whatever you prefer to wash it.

2. Giving Them Milk

It is one of the things everyone perceives it wrong. Unfortunately, the cats’ digestion system is not well designed to digest the bacteria in the milk. Milk will cause digestion problems and hurt especially the kittens. If the vet considers milk as a necessity for a little kitten, you can mix the milk with water by diminishing its bacterias.

3. Complete Safety of the House

One of the common reasons to visit the vets is that falling down from the windows or balcony. Cats love looking at the outside by windows Therefore please do not do what cat caregivers do wrong and scratch swatter or use other fences to increase the protection and safe zone in the house. Besides, it is better if you hide some sharp and dangerous materials from the places that cats can touch and hurt themselves.


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