What Causes Cough for Dogs?

What Causes Cough for Dogs?

Like people, dogs have a lot of diseases and problems. Coughing might be one of them. It does not necessarily mean that this is a serious issue. First, you can be sure that your dog is coughing for a long time. Just coughing within a day may not mean anything. Maybe it is just allergic or influenza. When you examine some weird acts of your dogs with coughing, you should consult your vet to see the reasons and causes of cough for dogs.

Canine Influenza

As told before, a cough does not necessarily mean anything bad. Simple influenza might be one of the causes of cough for dogs. It might be just simple influenza-like people always have. However, it cannot transmit to the people; it is a disease peculiar to animals. The main reason for canine influenza is a respiratory infection. Be sure that you provide a clean and fresh habitat for your dog.

Kennel Cough with Infection

Kennel cough occurs due to the infections they get from their kennels. If your dog is usually socializing with other dogs in a place like a dog daycare or a training program, it is possible that your dog might be influenced by one of these places or the dogs.

Lung Problems

This is one of the serious causes of cough for dogs. It is not possible for you to see the signs of lung problems since it is an immune problem. The food your dog eats or the things it messes up might cause lung problems even the grasses in the parks.


Heartworms are sneaky causes of cough for dogs. Harmful mosquitoes can poison them by spreading infectious. It can be healed with a monthly injection. These mosquitos are mostly seen in warmer weather and climates. It is important to detect the disease before so many worms spread and pervade in the dog.

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