What Does Cat Purring Mean? Why Cats?

What Does Cat Purring Mean? Why Cats?

Cats can purr in general. This purring can happen for any reason. It can be caused by joy, stress, desire for sexuality, motive for ownership, hunger or disease. Therefore, the reason why this situation is caused should be analyzed well and a result should be presented accordingly. Cat purring is generally regarded as a therapeutic attitude. Yes, it is not a legend we said. Indeed, purring is a condition that heals cats and makes the hormone of hormones secreted and elevated. However, it is seen in the researches that there is a healing attitude for people. It can be expressed as a kind of meditation.

The most intense time of cat purring is when they are under stress. Cats at this time can actually make repetitive and prolonged purring. Cats can sometimes watch this as a sign of happiness. So a cat can be very happy for any reason and express it with purring. The source of this happiness can often be sexual drives. The female cat scent around it can cause this cat to purr. It is quite normal that they make this long-running sound to find the cat.

Another reason for cat purring may be starvation. Generally, cats can make this sound when they are hungry and after a long search for a meal is not positive. Or thirst can cause it. Therefore, if your cat makes such a sound, you can stop it by meeting your food and water needs as soon as possible. Of course, contrary to all these situations, maybe only the disease can cause it. Here is the worst and undesirable situation. It is useful to go to the veterinarian as soon as possible to prevent cats from purring due to such a situation. Please do not neglect.

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  1. “In the morning loud purring can be used, together with human face patting or rubbing, to wake up a human and thus get breakfast. Most of us feed the cat before ourselves, which shows how effective their communication is.”

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