What Is Diabetes in Pets?

What Is Diabetes in Pets?

What Is Diabetes in Pets?

Diabetes in pets is one of the common ailments that our lovely friends suffer. Many people do not even aware that they can develop diabetes and therefore, unfortunately, pet deaths due to this disease are very common. In this article, we will briefly inform you about the disease and what can you do if your pet has the symptoms. Diabetes occurs when insulin levels in the body are low and are it not secreted at enough levels. The same applies to our pets as well and it can be fatal when left untreated.

Symptoms of Diabetes in Pets

When this hormone is low, our pets will not be able to use the glucose in their bloodstream. As a result of this, they always feel that they are hungry and tend to eat more. In addition to this, the stored proteins, carbohydrates and fats will be started to use. Pets with diabetes also tend to drink more water than usual. In general diabetes symptoms in pets can be considered as overeating and weight loss. In case your pet started to drink more water and urinate too often, this should be also considered as a sign.

What to Do with Pets with Diabetes?

The first and logical choice should be visiting a veterinarian. Your vet will perform blood and urination tests on your pet to determine the disease. In case your pet has diabetes, then insulin will be recommended as a part of the treatment. Your doctor will also recommend certain medications for your pets as well. Diabetes in pets may be a fatal disease however when treated right, there is nothing to worry about too. There are more than millions of pets all around the world diagnosed with diabetes. Unfortunately, diabetes in pets is a common problem which most of the pet owners are unaware of.

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